Carnegie Mellon University

Architectures in Practice

Instructor CEU Units # of Lectures Hours Per Week Tuition
Anthony Lattanze
4.8 12 10-15 $2,700

Course Objectives

The goals of this course are to extend the fundamental architectural principles posted in the Principals of Architecture Design course. This 12 lecture series will introduce advanced organizational, technical, and methodological concepts and practices. By the end of the course, participants will better understand:

  • Architecture in the product/system lifecycle.
  • The impact of commercial and legacy elements on architectural designs.
  • Architectures role in systemic reuse strategies.
  • The salient points of scenario-based architecture evaluation.
  • How to transition architectural practices into organizations.
  • Design for availability and performance.
  • Design in embedded domains.
  • Design in IT domains, enterprise frameworks, big data, and the cloud.


Participants should have prior experience in the development of software-intensive systems and some familiarity with modern software engineering concepts.

Required Textbooks:

  • TBD
  • Various readings will be provided to support each lecture.

Course Logistics:

There are 12 lectures in the course.  Lectures are approximately 80 minutes in duration.  Each lecture has a set of readings and questions based upon the reading material.   These may be done before or after the associated lecture.   In addition to the weekly readings and questions, there is a  team project that is to be completed in 3 phases.   The project is designed to provide an opportunity for participants to think through the problem from inception to software architecture proposal and documentation using the skills, methodology, and knowledge learned in the course.   Attendees will get feedback on their work from instructors allowing them to improve their designs and their proficiency with course techniques.  A project description will be provided that outlines what must be produced by the teams and when.


Lecture 1:      Review of Architecture Principles
Lecture 2:      Architecture Lifecycle
Lecture 3:      Design by Selection
Lecture 4:      Strategic Reuse
Lecture 5:      Architecture Evaluation
Lecture 6:      Architecture Centric Design Method (ACDM)
Lecture 7:      Overview of Enterprise Architecture Frameworks
Lecture 8:      Big Data
Lecture 9:      Architecting Embedded Systems
Lecture 10:    Architecting for Performance
Lecture 11:    Architecting for Availability
Lecture 12:    Adoption Strategies