Carnegie Mellon University

Cybersecurity - Threats, Myths, Realities

Instructor CEU Units # of Lectures Hours per Week Tuition
Dale Meyerrose
4.8 12 10-15 $2,700

Course Objectives

This course introduces cybersecurity concepts and practices using the most current trade literature and organizational best practices as context. The course will examine cybersecurity from a holistic, management viewpoint, vice a technical one, and cover the issues confronting this discipline in today’s business and government environments.  At the end of the course, students will be able to:

  • Understand the basic concepts and issues related to cybersecurity. 
  • Explore cybersecurity and its role in today’s organizations and relationships with current technology, public issues, and business contributions.  
  • Appreciate organizations in the context of highly complex operating environments.  Be familiar with cybersecurity architecture examples from the public and private sector. 
  • Understand cybersecurity’s role in the first two decades of the 21st Century.



Required Textbooks

None.  All course readings will be supplied by the instructor.


Lecture 1:      Starting the Cybersecurity Discussion
Lecture 2:      Threats—Changing Nature of Today’s Challenges
Lecture 3:      Cybersecurity—More About Security and Less About Cyber
Lecture 4:      Governance—Who Sits at the Table?
Lecture 5:      Analysis Frameworks—Too Many to Count
Lecture 6:      Understanding Risk—or Paying Lip Service
Lecture 7:      Everything Starts with People—But What Does That Mean?
Lecture 8:      Physical and Infrastructure Set the Stage—and Then What?
Lecture 9:      Operations Security—and Its Many Forms
Lecture 10:    Responding—or Reacting—Are They the Same?  
Lecture 11:    Law, Investigations, Forensics—What’s Missing?
Lecture 12:    Ethics—How Much Do They Matter?