Carnegie Mellon University

Elements of Network Security


Eugene Fink

Number of Lectures


Course Description 

The purpose of this course is to provide a deeper coverage of the main security issues.   While we recommend students to take the introductory course before this course, it is not a requirement. We will provide a brief review of all related topics to ensure that the new material is accessible for students without security background.

The course is mostly focused on practical security issues in application development and system administration; however, we will also present related theoretical background, along with historic and societal prospective. The first half of the course will include foundations of encryption and security protocols, as well as discussion of the main modern threats and defenses against them. The second half will be focused on specific security techniques for application development and system administration.



Recommended Textbook



  • Introduction (1 lecture)  Motivation for network security, some related facts and examples, and overview of the course organization.
  • Cryptography (7 lectures)  Main concepts of cryptography and related algorithms
  • Networks (5 lectures)  Main concepts of computer networks and basics of network protocols.
  • Security (8 lectures)  Main categories of network threats, defense techniques and security protocols.