Carnegie Mellon University

Fundamentals of Computing 1


Lynn Carter

Number of Lectures


Course Description

This course is the first in a series for first year students in the “Practical Software Engineering” program and establishes fundamental software engineering skills to be used in the second course. Students will learn to program in JAVA from UML design and should be able to write short program in JAVA language.

This course covers the following topics:

Primitive and reference data objects and their uses (assignment statements and I/O), control of flow (conditionals and loops), classes, objects, attributes, constructors, methods and their uses, arrays, basic concepts of data structures, and basic concepts of sorting, introduction to design concepts (inheritance, overloading, overriding, scope, super-classes, polymorphism).



Recommended Textbooks

1. Instructor’s Textbook: Java 6 Illuminated 2nd Edition (An Active Learning Approach)
2. The JavaTM Language Specification Third Edition (electronic copy)