Carnegie Mellon University

Introduction to Computer Networks and Telecommunications


Shawn Butler

Number of Lectures


Course Description

This course is the first course in a series for first year students for both Software Engineering and Information Systems Management. It provides the foundation for information technologies, focusing on data communications and networking including: networking and telecommunications technologies, hardware and software, analysis and design of networking applications in organizations, management of telecommunications networks, and cost-benefit analysis. This course should be taken after the Fundamental of Computing 1, since it does require some basic JAVA programming.

This course covers the following topics:

Overview of information technology, networking and telecommunications fundamentals,

LANs, WANs, intranets and Internet, data communication and telecommunication concepts, models, standards and protocols, configuration, systems integration and management of infrastructure technologies, telecommunication configurations; network and Web applications, distributed systems; wired and wireless architectures, topologies, and protocols, installation, configuration and operation of bridges, routers, switches and gateways, network, performance tuning; privacy, security, firewalls, reliability, configuration of networks, monitoring and management of networks; and communications standards.



Recommended Textbook

“Computer Networks and Internets” by Doug Comer