Carnegie Mellon University

Introduction to Information Systems Management


John Vu

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Course Description

This course is the first course in a series for first year Information Systems Management students. It is designed as a non-programming course to be taught along with the Fundamentals of Computing 1 and 2. It provides an introduction to systems and development concepts, information technology, and application software. It explains how information is used in organizations and how IT enables improvement in quality, timeliness, and competitive advantage.

This course covers the following topics:

Overview of Computer Science: history, basic concepts, trends in industry, information systems such as issues in the global environment, systems theory, management decision making, information technology organization roles, responsibilities, authorities, computing systems concepts, system components and relationships, cost/value and quality of information, competitive advantage of information, governance, ERP, CSM, SCM and other IT issues, specification, design, and re-engineering of information systems, application versus system software; COTS package solutions, characteristics of IS professionals and IS career paths, information security, crime, and ethics.



Recommended Textbook