Carnegie Mellon University

Information System Theories and Practices


John Vu

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Course Description

This course is the beginning of more practical applications for second year Information Systems Management students. It provides an understanding of organizational systems, planning, and decision process, and how information is used for decision support in organizations. It covers quality and decision theory, information theory, and practice essential for providing viable information to the organization. It outlines the concepts of IS for competitive advantage, data as a resource, IS and IT planning and implementation, change, and project management.

This course covers the following topics:

Systems theory and concepts; Information and organizational systems; Decision support; quality; level of systems: Strategic, tactical, and operational; System components and relationships; Information systems strategies; Roles of information and information technology; Roles of people using, developing, and managing systems; IS planning and change management; Human-computer interface; IS development process; evaluation of system performance; Societal and ethical issues related to information systems design and use.



Recommended Textbook