Carnegie Mellon University

System Integration Practices (5 mini-case studies)


Shawn Butler

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Course Description

Students are grouped into teams to solve issues identified in a series of case studies. This practicum is a problem solving activities to prepare students for the Capstone project. Students join a fictional organization, are assigned specific roles (for example: software developer, tester, technical lead, etc.) and solve real and practical problems under faculty guidance.

The practicum consists of 5 mini- case studies, each of which employs “Learn by Doing” (LBD) as the learning style approach - Students go through a brief orientation for a fictional IT organization where they will be ‘working’ in various roles where they work in teams of 3-4.  The case studies are intentionally sequenced for them to solve to ensure that they have acquired enough knowledge and skills from previous courses.  

The Instructor’s role is to facilitate students reflecting on and logging their experiences, using the case study areas as focus topics.  Students are expected to use what they have learned or are learning from other courses in this course.  In addition, students are expected to use their diaries to document every activity that they performed to ensure that they understand the disciplines needed to be a professional software engineer when they go to work.



Recommended Textbook