Carnegie Mellon University

Software Process and Quality Management


Mel Rosso Llopart

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Course Description

This course focuses on software quality and process improvement models such as CMMI, ITIL, CoBIT, ISO 9000s. Students will learn to set up an infrastructure to implement improvement initiatives; conduct an appraisal; design an improvement plan and execute action plans to improve software processes. 

This course will cover following topics:
The business of software; Software economics; Improvement models and standards; Issues with software; CMMI; ITIL, CoBIT; ISO 9000s; Organize and prioritize improvements; Design organizational processes; Assess a software process, to evaluate how effective it is at promoting quality; Develop improvement plans; Measure project progress, productivity and other aspects of the software process; Estimate Return on Investment and business cases; Perform root cause analysis, and work towards continual improvement of process.



Recommended Textbook